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Gluten Free Vegas Baby
June 3rd, 2011 | caitlin | Categories: The Dish, Uncategorized
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There are a few things that I promised Husband I would never do. Among them are: 1) Forget to file taxes for years on end 2) Wear an “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt 3) Buy a pet cow and name it Dinner 4) Lobby to get a holiday named after myself and 5) Go to Las Vegas.

Most of these seem self explanatory, but I think the Vegas one needs a little clarification.

You see, I’m competitive. I will compete with anyone over anything. So much so that I’ve been known to race people across the street and upon reaching the other side doing my own victory dance that resembles a Rocky vs Carlton mash-up. (Husband wants me to confess that more often than not, the people I’m racing don’t know they’re in a race. I don’t think that should matter as long as I win.) My incredible need to win extends to inanimate objects as well. It’s not usual for me to yell at TV game shows, or Mario when I don’t think he tried hard enough to jump over a Koopatroopa. So thinking this logic through, it’s a really bad idea to put me into a casino. If it’s not the dealer I need to beat, it’s going to be the slot machine. And since I tend not to quit until I can scream the word “pwned” at the top of lungs, chances are I would end up being forced to leave because my accumulated debt is too big for even Trump to get himself out of.

And now you know why I can’t go to Vegas. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t, or aren’t going to!

And while you’re there, you’re going to want to check out Upper Crust, a wicked new GF bakery. At least, it promises to be wicked because it’s backed by none other than the one and only GF Patisserie. Upper Crust is the first International license from our friends at GF Patisserie. Essentially, they provide the same fantastic GF goodies, just in Las Vegas not Calgary!

As of yet there is no published opening date, but progress is being made. Keep checking the website for updates.

GF Vegas baby!

(Thank you to Celiac Husband for the heads up on this bakery)

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